Wednesday, August 31, 2011

It's Been a While...

So much has happened and I haven't had a chance to document and upload to share with you! That frustrates me so I decided to make this entry to say hello and let you know of posts I'm working on that will come soon!!

  • I've been a busy bee, never really stop, renovating our home and decorating. Our master bedroom is about 90% completed and so is my closet. These are the very first rooms I had my mind set from the beginning. Even though they are not 100% complete I'll have separate posts where I'll share the progress & decor themes.
  • Basement and walk-out patio area, these two are not completed but well on their way, these areas have also been very much well enjoyed throughout the Spring/Summer and will continue to be enjoyed till the last day of fall.
  • I'll have a monthly posting sharing my addiction to one of my favorite decor store, Home Goods, it will showcase new treasures I find and how I use them in my home or simply beautiful findings on my daily shopping visits.
  • I'll post daily inspirational beautiful rooms, home decor is one of my major passions and I would love to share new blogs, designs and rooms I come across.
  • Lately I haven't been to active in trying new products, but when I do I'll share my thoughts but I will be trying looks and sharing them or let you know some of daily go-to products.
  • Fall is in the air! I'll be sharing hearty meals and recipes.
  • I'm enrolling into some fun cooking/baking classes locally and will share my experience and new learned food and meals! 
  • Entertaining set-ups and ideas for you enjoy with family & friends!

Can't wait to share my little world with everyone and learn from you and other bloggers out there! Stay tuned.