Monday, March 8, 2010

Journey to a Pretty Smile

I don't think I have bad teeth. What I do have is an overbite, meaning my top teeth do not alighn with the bottom, they protrude out a bit. Mostly you can't really tell tho, I've been told I have nice teeth actually, thankfully it is because I don't have big teeth and for the most part they are where they need to be. I don't have extra or missplaced ones. I did need braces when I was younger but I kept putting it off! oh how I wish I had gotten them back when I was 14.

Oscar Picks

So how exciting were the Oscar Academy Awards last night? One of my fav. stage set ups ever! I could not get over how beautiful they set up that stage, with the surrounding hanging crystals and soft blue light and the design of the actual stage with all those steps (which I'm sure all the ladies were extra careful with). I personally thought Steve Martin & Alec Bladwin did a great job hosting, even if there were the occasionally predictable jokes here and there, but still I loved them both and I enjoyed their silliness. So Red Carpet Recap!
Best Stage EVER! haha

Not Feeling:

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Personalized Gifts

I love the whole gift giving process, always have. I guess it's because it involves a lot of the creative touches from getting to know your subject (or victim...hehe) what they like and prefer then hunting down the perfect gift for them! And watching them open it for the reaction. I also think presentation is key, how often have you received a gift that looked so perfectly wrapped and bowed up you'd much rather simply stare at it...or not. The best part is you don't have to spend a bundle to give really great gifts, awesome right? When it comes down to it the thought really does count - if that thought is executed properly :-)

My mother-in-law bday was this past week and she really loves Roses, almost anytime we are over she usually has fresh pink roses on her foyer this was an easy one, Pink Roses! To personalize this I went hunting down to one of my all time favorite stores, Home Goods, for an elegant vase. Here is what I found:

Brushed white ceremic vase, looks so elegant & chic. I also loved the white color it is neutral and flows into any decor setting.

I prepared and arranged the pink roses in this beautiful vase, which was a steal by the way!, and tied up some curly bows to the side, pretty no?

Another thing she loves is Tres Leches Cake, so I decided to bust out my baking tools & get to work.

So here is the complete package, a personalized gift without breaking the bank, yippy!

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Monday, March 1, 2010

Weekend Recap!

What a weekend! Usually my weekends are not this socially packed, which in a way is a good thing or else I would not be able to get much done, but it was really fun! Here's what went on

Friday: After work went right home to finish up the Tres Leches cake for my mother in laws bday party & arranged her flowers in the beautiful vase I found, then hubby & I rushed over to the party. Had a blast & got home pretty late.

Saturday: Tax lady's house to turn in last forms missing, ekk!,
hanged out with Mom & cousin, then rushed home to get ready for George Lopez show! we were so excited, we took metro into DC then went out for IHOP after show that ended @ 11pm, we were starving!. Here are some pics:
Of course there was an annoying guy, but true to their word they threw his a$$ out, lol
My cousin & I before the show!
Hubby & I

Sunday: Church, lunch and I had to take a nap when we got home :)

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