Monday, March 8, 2010

Oscar Picks

So how exciting were the Oscar Academy Awards last night? One of my fav. stage set ups ever! I could not get over how beautiful they set up that stage, with the surrounding hanging crystals and soft blue light and the design of the actual stage with all those steps (which I'm sure all the ladies were extra careful with). I personally thought Steve Martin & Alec Bladwin did a great job hosting, even if there were the occasionally predictable jokes here and there, but still I loved them both and I enjoyed their silliness. So Red Carpet Recap!
Best Stage EVER! haha

Not Feeling:

Charlize Theron, great makeup and I loved the color of her dress but those rose boob cup things just looked weird, that's all you could stare at.

Mariah Carey, I don't think this is her best color and the cut looks a bit off to me. I think the dress overall was not 'Oscar' special, looks like I can head down to my local mall and get one similar from a prom dress shop.

Faith Hill, I really cannot decide if I actually liked this dress just not on her or just plain out did not like the dress, maybe it would look better with loose wavy hair and natural rosy makeup and a great diamond necklace? I just did not like her overall gothic look.
Amanda Seyfried, she is so beautiful but her dress seems too structured for her petite frame, does nothing for the bust, makes her torso appear wider and not really feeling the drapey thing going on at bottom also I really do feel the color washes her out. Her hair seems so pressed on her head, not flattering at all and I was really looking forward to seeing her on the Red Carpet.

Miley Cyrus, I loved her makeup & hair! I was really trying to like her dress but for one I don't think her poor posture was helping any and I actually do like the bottom of her dress but the top portion just looks like it shrank and she was leaning forward oddly in order to keep it up.

My Fav.'s:

Elizabeth Banks, I just loved the overall look here, her hair & makeup really complimented that dress and I think the color was so modern & classy. The fit & design were perfect, this dress looked like it was made just for her, which is what an Oscar dress should be in my opinion.

Queen Latifa, WoW! She really was a stunner! The color was so perfect for her and the hair, makeup and accessories were on point! The cut of the dress along with the accenting complimented her curves.
Meryl Streep, A classy look for a classy lady. Loved the hair! Rachel McAdams, does she ever age at all?!? She looked great I love that she went with this print for the dress it is really youthful and a bit more playful but she carries it well.
Zoe Saldana, I know lots would not put her on the best list but I personally loved it. The color was divine and suit her well and I do agree not anyone could pull this one off but I think she did great and the look was very high fashion, I enjoyed seeing this not so safe choice.

Vera Farmiga, I think she was one of the best dressed overall. The color pops and what better dress for the Oscars? (Honestly, where else could you pull off this dress)

Gabourey Sidibe, Great color choice and the design of the dress was gorgeous (Mo'nique should have taken notes)

Helen Mirren, I just simply love this lady! She is very stylish and age appropriate!

The Best-Dressed!
Sandra Bullock, dressed ready to accept her Oscar ;-)

Penelope Cruz, she's the image of a starlet dressed for the Oscar's!
Jennifer Lopez, She brought her A game and it really paid off!

Cameron Diaz, I must admit I did not like the dress much on the red carpet but when she came on stage it made my jaw drop! She was such a sight

My #1 Best-Dressed Pick is...

Demi Moore!!
I just LOVED this dress, it fit her oh so perfectly and her side swept hair suit her romantic blush dress lovely and the fact that she did not go overboard with her makeup and opted for a natural beauty enhancing look was simply wonderful, and come on doesn't she look ageless? When hubby & I renew our vows, this is the dress I want!

Who were your favorites and not so favorites? Did anyone stand out for you or did you just find them all predictable? Let Glitter Mango know what you think, follow and comment below!

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