Monday, March 1, 2010

Weekend Recap!

What a weekend! Usually my weekends are not this socially packed, which in a way is a good thing or else I would not be able to get much done, but it was really fun! Here's what went on

Friday: After work went right home to finish up the Tres Leches cake for my mother in laws bday party & arranged her flowers in the beautiful vase I found, then hubby & I rushed over to the party. Had a blast & got home pretty late.

Saturday: Tax lady's house to turn in last forms missing, ekk!,
hanged out with Mom & cousin, then rushed home to get ready for George Lopez show! we were so excited, we took metro into DC then went out for IHOP after show that ended @ 11pm, we were starving!. Here are some pics:
Of course there was an annoying guy, but true to their word they threw his a$$ out, lol
My cousin & I before the show!
Hubby & I

Sunday: Church, lunch and I had to take a nap when we got home :)

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