Monday, March 8, 2010

Journey to a Pretty Smile

I don't think I have bad teeth. What I do have is an overbite, meaning my top teeth do not alighn with the bottom, they protrude out a bit. Mostly you can't really tell tho, I've been told I have nice teeth actually, thankfully it is because I don't have big teeth and for the most part they are where they need to be. I don't have extra or missplaced ones. I did need braces when I was younger but I kept putting it off! oh how I wish I had gotten them back when I was 14.

So I had my appointment Friday with an Invisalign Certified Dentist, I was not an ideal candidate for this treatment. She was able to refer me to her husband who is a practicing Orthodontist (I thought that was cute..hehe) so I have my consultation with him on Monday 3/15 -- btw, that's the hubby's 29th bday -- Honestly I am ready to just get this done and have a pretty smile. I want to do it for myself.

Will it hurt badly? How long will I have to wear them? Will I get the results I want? Are they really worth it? What should I be expecting? These are just natural questions anyone would have, have any of had braces or thinking of getting them? Share your pain and wisdom with Glitter Mango, follow & comment below.

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