Monday, February 22, 2010


I am so excited to officially have GlitterMango up and running! This blog has been a long way coming and it really is a dream to actually be seeing it thru. Firstly I'd like to share with you what you can expect from GlitterMango, this blog was created to provide daily posts on Decorating, Makeup, Cooking & Fashion along with the occasional random blogging in between. I wish to give you helpful and useful information but also to have fun along the way! You will find reviews of products, other blogs or news, tutorials on makeup & cooking, input of decor and furnishings and haul post of fashion items! Any & all requests of course are welcome. GlitterMango is very excited to join the blog world!

About Me:
I'm Orquidea, 25 yrs. young. Recently got married, going on 2 yrs!, recently purchased our first home and am enjoying and having a blast Decorating our home, Cooking with my wonderful hubby, playing with my Makeup and searching for new Fashion finds (shoes & bags!!). I love spending my free time online following blogs and surfing the web so I decided it was time to start my own, so here it is, GlitterMango! woohoo! I love expressing myself in any way creative so naturally I felt a blog would be a perfect outlet, also the fact that I have a lot of 1st in my life it would be a great way to document all that's going on. If anyone has any post requests or just want to say hello email me:

because every girl deserves a little sweetness and glitter

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