Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I hate having to go return/exchange items. I mean you run into a store you find something you love you make your way to the register out you walk with a bag and smile on your face. That should be the end of that story, right? Just the thought of having to drive all the way back to the store, not to mention in this horrible last-minute holiday shopping frenzy, head to the counter and explain why you could not get it right the first time and now have to return/exchange the item. I know to some folks, no big deal, and for bigger purchases I am like that totally I mean you should love the item/service if you are putting a good amount down.

During our NYC trip as soon as we stepped out the bus we headed to Macy's for my MAC concealer, handed the lady my current one and she gave me the little box so I go to pay, didn't even check if it was the same color, I mean I gave her my container...what's to get wrong?!?
Fast forward, I have been using my new concealer for 3 days and I began to notice how blotchy my complication is looking, maybe from the cold winter? NO !! I start to suspect my concealer is a couple shades to dark for me, so yesterday as soon as I go home I check my old container & new one...I was right !!! I'm a NW20 and the one she gave me was NW25, so now I'm stuck going back to Macy's and getting this exchanged...fun times.


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